Building automation

H2 Office – Duisburg Inner Harbour

The H2-Office is an architectural highlight right on the water on one of the last plots in the booming Duisburg Inner Harbour. It is an environmentally state of the art, intelligent building. The building complies with EU building guidelines with its use of geothermal energy, solar energy, photovoltaics, solar and double glazing, roof landscaping and much more.

The task:

  • the automation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, geothermals, district heating, individual room controls, weather-dependent blind controls, concrete core activation system, visualisation, fire damper controls

Aims and benefits:

  • More reliability. Early fault detection in the entire complex. You gain reaction time.
  • More transparency. You receive all necessary data for analysing and then optimising the building's installations.
  • More efficiency. You conserve energy by avoiding unnecessary consumption and improving the efficiency of the building's installations.
  • Lower costs. Management costs are reduced as all monitoring and control functions are bundled.


  • WAGO Industrial PC Monitor IPC-C 6 for controlling, monitoring and visualising
  • WEB-Visu for operating and observing
  • Control valves for cooling and heating circuits from reputable vendors