Building automation

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Efficient and consistent solutions

Our vision for the future: all functions pertaining to your building will be integrated via IT solutions. Your access systems enable roles to be distributed to different rooms, lifts are automatically called upon entry to the building, lighting automatically adjusts to people and external lighting conditions. Even flexible floor plans are possible without any great effort. What you can now only achieve with the use of numerous interfaces and intermediate solutions, Lanfer Automation will be able to realise in the future using a unified protocol. Our aim: to interlink the numerous capabilities of varying sections. Only then can we call it real ‘intelligence’.

Lanfer Automation provides:

Full section integration

  • Reduction of implemented protocols
  • Networking of various sections via IP-based protocols
  • Use of standardised Ethernet building automation networks
  • Status indication of all sensors and actuators in a system
  • Central data storage
  • Modular software architecture
  • Freedom of subsystem choice

Professional visualisation

  • Comfortable visualisation systems for buildings and properties
  • Operating cockpit in the facility manager's control room
  • Simplest possible building automation controls
  • Central display of all building-relevant data
  • Concurrent option of controlling e.g. lighting or heating demand curves
  • Presentation tailored to your needs

Flexible and platform-independent

  • Visualisation can be displayed independent of platform and on any internet browser
  • Data is thus available on mobile devices or smartphones
  • Modular construction and free choice of user interface design
  • Long-term data storage for measured values and visualisation of this data
  • Storage and visualisation of alarms and reports
  • Integration of external systems via maintained interfaces

Successful project design

  • Product-independent consultation
  • Personal adviser during the entire project period
  • Project manager is authorised to make decisions and competent in all aspects of the project
  • Short project duration
  • On-time handover

Careful construction

  • Extensive experience in construction
  • Carefully crafted concepts
  • Creative specialists
  • High level of quality and compliance with all relevant norms

Certified switch cabinet manufacture

  • Over 30 years' expertise in switching station and switch cabinet manufacture
  • State of the art switch cabinet manufacture from the smallest panel up to the most complex switch cabinet clusters.
  • Fast and great value with modular cabinet systems and components
  • From individual single cabinets up to serial production
  • Stainless steel specialist cabinets for the food industry
  • Perfect techniques, compliant with the latest standards and norms.
  • Energy efficient and sustainable

Reliable equipment installation

  • Reliable, customised electrical installation
  • Compliant with all norms and guidelines
  • Implementation of all safety-related inspections
  • In-house qualified specialist personnel
  • Extensive experience and regular professional development

Individual programming

  • Individual programming according to client desires and requirements
  • Standardised programming languages
  • Efficient use of modular software components
  • Programming of special interface applications (e.g. SAP-EWM)
  • Specially adapted process visualisation

Professional maintenance

  • Fast on-site or remote maintenance
  • Straightforward procedures 24/7
  • On standby for anything from emergency service to maintenance