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is derived from the ‘Internet of Things - Changeable real-time logistics systems based on intelligent agents for the production-related area’ research project carried out by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The internet of things links objects to each other, so that they organise processes and procedures themselves. In conventional systems, the conveying system's intelligence is anchored centrally in master computers and control programming. Using  , the link between conveyor technology and logistics objects replaces this intelligence. Every packet knows where it’s going and requests the pathway itself, along the lines of ‘take me to my destination’. Should the best pathway not be available, the conveying technology decides whether alternative processes can be initiated.


Agents monitor the packets

With  , individual software agents - small, dynamically created programs - monitor the conveying technology and packets. The agents are in permanent communication with each other and with the objects to be conveyed, in order to identify and assess the current situation and take any necessary action in order to ensure a smooth flow of materials.

Where in conventional systems entire lengths of conveyor belts come to a halt during conveying component outages,  can dynamically and independently search for solutions to still get the packet to the destination. Defective sections can be swapped out or modernised in the course of normal operation. A material flow layout that takes alternative routes into account is a prerequisite.

 as been optimised for use with RFID. Alternatively, however, other AIDC systems can be used, such as the traditional bar code identification, without any loss in system functionality and reliability. Equally, mixed-mode operation of various identification systems is also possible.

With  you can secure your competitive edge today with flexibility, modularity and investment security.

Keeps pace with your requirements.

Increase your business's productivity:  enables you to create complex systems in much shorter project times. Assembly, programming and commissioning can be carried out almost in parallel. Should your conveyor belt needs change, thanks to the system's high level of scalability you can expand or change  at any time in a cost-efficient and effective way, even with systems that are already in operation, without - as in a conventional migration - having to shut down. In this manner, modernisation-related downtime is minimised.

Flexible and networkable

With   you can set new standards in the planning of logistics centres: completely new system topologies can be implemented.

The system can function bi-directionally, and the agent control system enables you to assign new tasks to each element of the conveyor belt in the course of normal operation. Due to the open interfaces of the agent technology, you can easily network   - systems with superordinate systems such as ERP-systems and stay flexible at all times.

 is designed to control the various material flow components and goods to be conveyed.

With  , you have a very detailed overview of all occurrences arising from the entirety of your conveyor systems.

With   , the future of your logistics begins right now.

As well as   , Lanfer Automation also provides you with:

  • Conception and construction
  • Manufacture of switching and control systems
  • PLC software development
  • Simulation of logistics systems
  • Specialists in S5/S7 migration without loss of production
  • System visualisation
  • Material flow control and warehouse management software
  • IT components for logistics
  • W-LAN in the warehouse area
  • Commissioning with own staff
  • Production support
  • Support and maintenance including remote maintenance
  • On call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Training for operating and maintenance staff
  • System assembly at home and abroad

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