Industrial Automation

The automation industry plays a key role in reducing costs and designing more efficient processes in a global market. With Lanfer Automation at your side, you can lead the way - reduce your costs and increase your output... Opens internal link in current more

Building automation

Our vision for the future: all functions pertaining to your building will be integrated using IT solutions. Lifts will automatically be called upon entry to the building, lighting will adjust to people and external light conditions. Even flexible floor plans will be possible without much effort... Opens internal link in current more


Increasing your business's productivity - that's what Lanfer guarantees for your business thanks to highly-efficient systems, perfected processes and also as competent consultants in the field of logistics ... Opens internal link in current more

Energy monitoring

In times of rising energy prices, the focus of attention is shifting to the analysis of consumption of energy and media. In order to cope with the increasing requirements, the consumption levels of plants and machinery, as well as other loads must be acquired in detail and allocated by an energy monitoring system. Opens internal link in current more